Student Sponsorship

Selasa, 27 November 2018 5:28:10 PG

Education services in Al Quds fall into two main categories: the first is managed by the Israeli occupation and has its curriculum and administration while the other is small schools with limited funds which are run by the Islamic Waqf in some of Al Quds rented houses. Private schools run by Palestinians remain the last option for many students, who cannot attend schools run by the Islamic Waqf and still want to learn the Palestinian curriculum, to protect their own culture and identity.

Private schools charge a lot of money that the people of Jerusalem cannot afford. This money is barely enough to cover the administrative costs and the salaries of teachers. These schools are mostly run b non-profit organizations, some of which used to be houses which were converted into schools, which limits the ability to provide further educational services that are provided by the Waqf schools, which are in line with the identity and culture of the people of Al Quds.

Thus, this project aims to help various categories of students who attend private schools in Al Quds: needy students, students whose families cannot afford to pay all fees, orphans, children of martyrs and prisoners.

Project Idea:

To fully or partially cover the tuition fees of the following students who attend private schools:

  • Needy students.
  • Children of martyrs and prisoners.
  • Children whose families cannot afford to pay full tuition fees.

Project Importance:

  • The project supports Jerusalemites to go towards education, especially under such hard-economic circumstances, which push families to take their kids out of school at a young age.
  • The project further strengthens self-dependency at private schools in Jerusalem and allows them to contribute to the community, which is not possible now due to economic reasons.

Project Requirements:

  • Tuition fee for one student is MYR 1000

Implementation Period: throughout the year