QFM implements Qurban 2020 project in Gaza and al-Quds

Rabu, 5 Ogos 2020 9:48:58 PG

Al-Quds Malaysia Foundation (QFM) implemented the qurban project for the year 1441 AH 2020 AD, in Gaza and al-Quds (Jerusalem), Palestine.

The qurbans were funded by Malaysian donors through QFM and in partnership with a group of Islamic institutions operating in Thailand through the Council for Humanitarian Networking of Sheikhul Islam Office in Thailand and One-Body Campaign, The Ustaz website, Jaringan Badan-Badan Islam dan Masjid Wilayah Jala -JABIM and other institutions.

The qurbans were slaughtered under the supervision of the QFM's team in Gaza and in al-Quds city, where fresh meat was distributed to needy families.

These qurbans had a good effect on the people who appreciated this solidarity from their Muslim brothers in Malaysia and Thailand and expressed their thanks to them.

It is noteworthy that hundreds of needy Palestinian families will benefit from these qurbans for this year, whether in the city of al-Quds (around Masjid al-Aqsa) whose residents suffer from the unjust policies of the Israeli occupation to empty the city of its residents or in the Gaza Strip, whose residents have been living under a severe Israeli siege since 2006.

QFM would like to thank all donors for their great contribution.

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