QFM Concludes Ramadan 2020 Charitable Projects in Gaza and Al-Quds

Jumaat, 19 Jun 2020 10:23:10 PG

Al-Quds Foundation Malaysia (QFM) has conducted Ramadan 2020 programs to provide food baskets, iftar meals and Eid clothes for poor families in both Jerusalem (al-Quds) and Gaza, in light of the hard economic conditions due to Covid-19 and the Israeli occupation measures, whether by restricting citizens in al-Quds or by imposing an unjust siege on the Gaza Strip which has been lasting for more than 14 years.

Projects this year included and covered:

- The city of Jerusalem (al-Quds), where food parcels were distributed to needy families there.

- In the Gaza Strip, where food parcels, iftar meals, and Eid clothes were distributed.

The Foundation has implemented several programs to distribute the food basket to poor families during the month of Ramadan. As well as the distribution of iftar meals and Eid clothes were also provided to a number of children.

The number of families benefiting this year has reached 670 families, 470 of them have benefited from food parcels and 200 have benefited from family iftar (the meal is enough for 4-5 individuals), and 30 children have benefited from the Eid clothing project, bringing the total number of beneficiaries to approximately 3,500 individuals.

These programs were funded by the Malaysian donations that QFM received during its campaign in the month of Ramadan, as well as valuable contributions from civil society organizations from Malaysia, especially Sympathy Society Malaysia.

These programs have had a major impact on bringing joy and helping families in Gaza and Jerusalem (al-Quds).

QFM would like to take advantage of this occasion to offer its thanks and gratitude to all nourished and partner institutions, and we send them our prayers, hoping that Allah will liberate Jerusalem and Palestine and remove the injustice from the oppressed soon, InshaAllah.

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