Online Forum Calls to Boycott Occupation on the 53rd Anniversary of "Naksa"

Khamis, 11 Jun 2020 9:14:15 PG

Al-Quds Foundation Malaysia organized an online forum: "Malaysian NGOs stand for al-Quds", with the participation of 40 Malaysian institutions representing various sectors of scholars, youth, students, women, human rights, and relief, as part of its activities to commemorate the 53rd anniversary of the Naksa day.

In his welcoming speech, Dr. Sherif Abu Shammala, CEO of Al-Quds Foundation Malaysia thanked and praised the efforts of Malaysian organizations for supporting the al-Quds (Jerusalem) cause.

Abu Shammala explained that this discussion forum was like a platform for exchanging ideas between institutions and the public, and expressing the role of Malaysian civil society towards the issue of Al-Quds.

The directors of the Malaysian institutions participating in the forum affirmed the Malaysian people's support for the legitimate right of Palestinians and Muslims in the lands of blessed Masjid Al-Aqsa.

During the forum, they demanded the necessity to end the occupation and stand against the deal of the century, and to call for boycotting the occupation and the companies cooperating with it.

The event witnessed wide participation and remarkable interaction on social media and the forum was broadcasted on Facebook pages of Yayasan al-Quds Malaysia and participating institutions and activists.