QFM and Al-Zaytuna Club Hold a seminar on " the Deal of the Century"

Isnin, 23 Mac 2020 6:28:18 PTG

Kuala Lumpur - 22 Feb 2020

In cooperation with the Zaytuna Club for Women and Children, Al-Quds Foundation Malaysia held a seminar entitled: “Deal of the Century: Its Concept, Dangers, and The Ways to Confront it” at QFM office in Kuala Lumpur. 

Members of the Palestinian and Arab community in Malaysia participated in the event which came in the light of the efforts exerted to raise awareness of the dangers and repercussions the Deal of the century has on the Palestinian issue.

Sharif Abu Shammala, CEO of Al-Quds Foundation Malaysia, made a presentation about the nature of this deal and the settlement agreements that led to it. He explained that the Trump peace plan or what is known as the deal of the century is only an extension to many previous attempts aimed at liquidating the Palestinian issue.

Abu Shammala pointed out that the deal has explicitly aimed at obliterating the Palestinian and Islamic identity of Al-Quds by confiscating the city, its history, and civilization, and banishing or dissolving the Palestinian people. This happens a part from moving the capital to the Shuafat neighborhood and ignoring the status of Al-Quds and its religious and cultural values for the Palestinian people.

He Also clarified that the detailed numbers and areas shown in the deal in addition to the crumbs the American administration left in the historical map of the Palestinian lands, which do not exceed 15% of Palestine, "clearly show the American underestimation of the Arabs and Palestinian people logic in general. And that of the Palestinian Authority in particular, which has always placed hopes in the American side during the settlement agreements and the old negotiating rounds for decades.

He pointed out that the deal of the century robbed the Islamic exclusivity of Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa by considering it as "Temple Mount" giving the Zionists the right to violate it by making it a common holy place for all. This imposes spatial and temporal divisions, the thing that the occupation seeks these days.

He clarified that the phrase saying “ Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa will be peacefully open to all Muslim visitors; “is nothing but a scatter of ashes to wrongly suggest that the deal is on favor of Muslims but it rather confirms the reality of the Zionists’ control over Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa. He asserted that ending the deal of the century is possible and can be achieved if determination is accompanied by hard work. Also, Sheikh Ahmad Abu Dalal, the representative of Palestine Scholars Association, elaborated about Palestine's religious position and the legitimate necessity of defending it and the prohibition of neglecting it.

Muhammad Sobeih, the president of the Palestine Students Association in Malaysia discussing the role of youth and students, he focused on their great role in facing and ending the deal of the century. At the end of the symposium, the speakers were honored by Al-Zaytouna Club and Al-Quds Foundation Malaysia gifted the club a group of its publications to enrich the club’s library.