Wounds of the nation and its relationship to Al-Quds and Al-Aqsa cause

Isnin, 29 April 2019 5:53:31 PG

QFM held in its office in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. The event was attended by many members of the Palestinian, Arab communities and Malaysians, as part of the commemoration of Israa and Miraaj on 29 April 2017.

The event began by praising the prisoners' strike and supporting them in their just demands. During the event, Dr. Abdul Fattah Al Owaisi discussed the similarities that lead the journey of Israa and Al-Miraaj to the difficulties and hardships experienced by the Ummah today. The journey of Israa and Al-Miraaj was the prize, addressing the importance of Jerusalem in international equations. Al Owaisi highlighted that the establishment of the Zionist entity is the implementation of the idea of establishing a separate entity whose mission is to break up the Arab and Islamic nation and other related issues. The lecture was followed by a panel discussion with the audience.

At the end of this event, Sherif Abu Shammala, thanked a lot the lecturer for presenting and attendance for coming out. Giving a trophy to the lecturer, appreciating his role and participation in the event.